Live-Blogging Jerusalem Snow 2013 Day Two #Shelegeddon

We’re starting up a new post for Thursday’s news of snow across Israel. It’s now covering almost all the high ground of Israel from the Golan in the north right down to reports of snow falling in places like Dimona and Mitzpe Ramon in the south.

Jerusalem, of course, is the star blanketed by one of the heaviest snow falls in decades.

Just so you know, the twitter hash tag: #shelegeddon is a combination of the Hebrew word for snow “sheleg” and Armageddon.

18:20: One last picture before we write off #shelegeddon in the history books of awesomeness.


Credit: Sagi Leventhal

This isn’t Narnia, it’s 5 minutes from Jerusalem.

16:30: Thing are getting back to normal. The buses are running again, the roads are cleared, and the net consumption of coffee, cocoa, milk and hot water has risen ten-fold.

15:05: More stunning photos of snow covered Jerusalem in Israel Vibe Facebook page.

15:01: Incoming! From the Prime Minister’s Facebook page.

Bibi and Sarah Netanyahu snowball fight Jerusalem 2013

Bibi and Sarah Netanyahu snowball fight Jerusalem 2013

14:20: As for the snow itself, it stopped around 1 p.m, after almost 12 hours straight. This is the biggest snow storm in Jerusalem in the past 20 years.

14:14: And just so you don’t have to work too hard to guess who made this update, here are some pictures of Better Place electric cars in the snow.

From Better Place Facebook page

From Better Place Facebook page

14:10: Some pictures of Switzerland Jerusalem.

sg1 sg2 sg3 sg4 sg5 sg6 sg7 sg8 sg9 sg10 sg11 sg12 sg13 sg14 sg15 sg16 sg17 sg18 sg19 sg20 sg21 sg22 sg23

13:35: Brian had to go for a drive across Tel Aviv through sporadic rain showers. No snow here. If you haven’t seen enough snow pictures, the social media crew at the Times of Israel have been doing a great job gathering pictures, click through for plenty more (and then come back here OK).

From the Times of Israel

From the Times of Israel

11:33: Dear friend of Israellycool, Jon Donnison, passes on this picture from the Al Qassam Brigade’s position occupying the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.


11:15: Tweet


10:15: Here’s a great video of the snow falling from the King David Hotel’s Facebook page.

8:10: After a short pause, the snow is falling sown again, Kids and adults are playing out side, and the dogs seem to love it.

2013-01-10 07.17.31


shelegeddon 19


Thursday, 6:15: Shelegeddon is here! it’s snowing non-stop for at least 3 hours now, and every thing is covered by a few inches. Schools are cancelled, public transportation is shut down, and even the roads to Jerusalem are blocked for the time being.

00:00: Jerusalem is covered in a white blanket, and though conditions are perfect for snow, there’s just not enough moisture bearing clouds. A decision about opening schools or not will be given by 6 a.m. so there’s something to look forward to.


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