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The Abuse of a Word

Using innocuous words to describe firing missiles at Israel is unacceptable.

Holding Out For A Hero

All you had to do was copy the story from a proper newspaper, and you failed Daily Mirror.

Joe’s World: Anti Israel Terminology Lesson #1

You may be using outdated terms without even realising it!

The Disgraceful Media Bias of ABC Australia

Wake up Australia. If they can get away with this lie, what else are they lying about?

When The Journalists Tell The Truth

"Out of #Gaza far from #Hamas retaliation: misfired rocket killed children yday in Shati. Witness: militants rushed and cleared debris"

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Shoddy Journalism*

* (but were afraid to ask)

Another Syrian Mortar, Another Ignorant Media Myth

For the second straight day, journalists expose their incompetence regarding Israel and Syria

BBC And Syria: Unverified

The BBC is caught with their pants down twice in two days, showing pathetically wrong images when reporting on Syria.


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