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Palestinian Bold-Faced Lie Of The Day

Palestinian Dr. confirmed: there were no rockets

Yes. Israel Has The Higher Moral Ground. Get Over It.

A good foundation to any negotiation is a bit of honesty.

Carter’s Evil Lie

Carter lies and says PA recognition of Israel as a Jewish State means Arabs will have to convert to Judaism. As if anyone wants THAT.

Automatic Scum

Telling the truth about Israel would never do. So "Bluto" has come up with a catchy catchphrase that will drive Dershowitz into the closet!


Once again, a child killed by Gaza terror groups gets blamed on Israel

Israeli Generals Duped into Supporting Obama

So which part of this is worse: supporters of Obama who lie and deceive or gullible Israeli Generals? I'm giving the benefit of the doubt...

Anatomy of a “Settler Attack”

Ma'an, as well as the rest of the PalArab media, reports: Israeli settlers executed an 18-year-old shepherd boy in the fields outside Aqraba, a town...
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