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MUST WATCH: Straight-Talking Marco Rubio Rips PA and J Street

The way he rips J Street and the PA is particularly delightful

New Congress Bill To Freeze State Department Funds Until Embassy Moved To Jerusalem

U.S. Senators Marco Rubio, Dean Heller, and Ted Cruz have introduced the Jerusalem Embassy and Recognition Act

WATCH: Marco Rubio: “There Is No Peace Deal Possible With The Palestinians At This...

Marco rips the PA for encouraging terrorism and not really wanting peace

WATCH: Marco Rubio’s Strong Words In Support Of Israel

When it comes to Israel, Marco Rubio continues to impress

WATCH: Marco Rubio “We Are Firmly On The Side Of Israel. At Least We...

Marco Rubio blasts the US administration for its "even-handed" approach

The More We Know About Iran Deal, The Worse It Gets

Will US know-how and training help Iran launch an attack on American or Israeli facilities?

New York Times Embarrasses Itself With Rubio “Reporting”

The New York Times is allowing itself to be turned into a partisan clearing house for left wing propaganda.

MUST SEE: Senator Rubio Blasts Obama For His Treatment Of Netanyahu And Israel

The Senator asks, "How much better would the world be if the Middle East looked more like Israel?"
Senate speech for Israel

MUST WATCH: Marco Rubio Implores Colleagues Not To Boycott Netanyahu Speech

Marco Rubio once again stands up for Israel

Marco Rubio: Amazing Again!

You know that adage about sequels being worse than the original? I don't think that applies here.


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