Marco Rubio: Amazing Again!

Sen. Marco Rubio’s speech to the US Senate, in which he blamed Hamas for the deaths of Gazan civilians, has become a massive hit. The YouTube video has been viewed over 60,000 times, and, on this site alone, it has been ‘Liked’ over 20,000 times.

And rightly so. The speech was stunning.

Well, you know that adage about sequels being worse than the original? I don’t think that applies here (hat tip: Karen).

5 thoughts on “Marco Rubio: Amazing Again!”

  1. Philip Ginsburg

    Wonderful speech! This should be aired on national TV here in the US, as well as globally wherever possible.

  2. Jose Oulman Carp

    The free World does not realize that the State of
    Israel is not only fighting for their own survival but also for the survival of Western civilization. So that our daughters and grand daughters will not be forced to wear the veil and the burka under the Sharia law.

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