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BDS Fail Of The Day: Resistance (To Max Brenner Chocolate) Is Futile

Seen during an anti-Israel BDS protest

BDS Fail Of The Day: Brenner There, Done That Edition

Another fail from BDSHoles in Australia

Bono Feasts On Zionist Death Chocolate in The Holy Land

The BDs-holes are probably left asking "U2?"

Occupy Melbourne Protesters Occupied With Violence

Occupy Melbourne protesters scream out their support for the "Intifada" (read: terrorism against Israeli men, women and children), followed by one assaulting an elderly Israel supporter

BDS Fail Of The Day

No off-key, gender benders today. Just a couple of interesting news items

BDS Fail Of The Day

Yet another flash mob against Max Brenner, this time to the (off) tune of Jewish favorite Hava Nagila

Aussie BDS-Holes Show True Colors

BDS-holes protesting outside Max Brenner's in Sydney have filmed themselves chanting their real feelings about a two-state solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict.

BDS Fail Of The Day

BDS-holes going after the evil Zionist purveyors of hot chocolate, led by a Jew not exactly blessed with the gift of the gab

Seeing Through The BS

Some prominent Australians have stood up against the BDSers

Kevin Tells BDS-Holes To Rudd Off

Former Australian Prime Minister and current Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd has taken his own stand against the BDS-Holes.

BDS Fail of the Day

BDS protesters at the Max Brenner coffee and chocolate shop in Melbourne put their rhyming "skills" to a different use.


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