BDS Fail Of The Day: Brenner There, Done That Edition

On Tuesday, Students For Justice in Palestine (SJP) UNSW organized a protest against those Zionist purveyors of chocolate goodness, Max Brenner. Although 197 people indicated on their Facebook page that they would attend, less than 50 attended.


The “huge” crowd caught in action (SJP UNSW FB page)

Press TV had to characterize them as “rowdy” to compensate for the lack of numbers.

Here are the less-than-50-people in all their rowdy glory.

Additional fail points for the antisemitic comments appearing on the FB page, as well as their lame reaction to them.

Protester Lutfi Zayed, 20, accused Max Brenner of being complicit in Israeli war crimes, but denied the group was anti-semitic or had made anti-semitic comments on its Facebook page.

“Those comments made on Facebook, we don’t know about them,” he told AAP.

“What would you say about Islamaphobia on Facebook? We see that too.”

This, coming from someone who posted this on the FB page:


Looks like Zayed is speaking with forked tongue, with differing messages for the public and group members.

Update: More fail!

A KEY supporter of the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement has been caught on camera admitting “there isn’t really any connection” between Australian Max Brenner chocolate shops and Israel.Palestine Action Group spokesman Patrick Harrison made the admission in a video of a BDS protest last November at the Max Brenner outlet in Parramatta, in Sydney’s west, posted recently on YouTube by a graduate filmmaker

Update: Parenting fail (via Twitter):

boy sign


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