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The Day In Israel: Sunday June 27th, 2010

The family of captive IDF soldier Gilad Shalit is set to embark on a 12-day march from its home in Mitzpe Hila to Jerusalem, joined by thousands of supporters, in a bid to pressure the government and secure Gilad's release after over four years in Hamas captivity.

The Day In Israel: Wednesday Mar 3rd, 2010

The IDF released for the first time footage of the tracking system deployed along the Gaza border in order to thwart terror attacks. The system,...

The Day In Israel: Tuesday Feb 23rd, 2010

During talks yesterday in Brussels, British Foreign Secretary David Miliband demanded full cooperation from Israel with a British inquiry into the use of bogus...

The Day In Israel: Sunday Feb 21st, 2010

Britian's Sunday Times seems to have it all worked out. In early January two black Audi A6 limousines drove up to the main gate of...


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