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Donald Trump Begs For End To Cycle Of Violence

Donald Trump has finally weighed in on the Miss Universe selfie feud, in which Miss Lebanon snubbed Miss Israel

This Week In New York Times Headlines

Finding bias at the New York Times is like shooting fish in a barrel.

Joe’s World: Miss Israel’s “Photobomb”

An emergency meeting at the UN has been called to deal with this provocation

Miss Lebanon Throws Miss Israel Under Abbas

I couldn't resist

Miss Lebanon Throws Miss Israel Under The Bus

Old and busted: Claims Israel bombed Lebanon. New hotness: Claims Miss Israel photobombed Miss Lebanon

Miss Israel Takes Los Angeles

Miss Israel in LA

Alice Walker Characterizes Crowning Of Ethiopian Miss Israel As A “Ploy”

In her latest rant against Israel, author and lizard lover Alice Walker claims Israel's crowning of Ethiopian Jew Titi Aynaw as Miss Israel is nothing more than a ploy

Reality of “Apartheid” In Israel

Inspired by the previous post, a whole number of other apartheid fails, and the fact posters seem to have a better chance of going viral!

Barry Meet Titi

One of the people President Obama is going to meet here in Israel is our new Miss Israel, the unfortunately named Titi Aynaw, who was personally invited by the American president


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