Donald Trump Begs For End To Cycle Of Violence


Donald Trump has finally weighed in on the Miss Universe selfie feud, in which Miss Lebanon snubbed Miss Israel, posting this video to his Instagram account:

Miss Israel and Miss Lebanon- “no more fighting!” #TrumpVlog #MissUniverse

A video posted by Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) on

While I have appreciated Trump’s support of Israel in the past, his response here is disappointing, and reminds me of the “cycle of violence” statements we have been used to hearing from the State Department. I fail to see how Miss Lebanon’s nastiness towards Miss Israel and the latter’s rather muted response, constitutes both of them fighting.

I am also rather surprised this was Trump’s response. I kind of expected him to ask them to take their argument outside, while wearing bikinis and standing in a tub of jello.

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