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Muhammad Zoabi Forgave Bibi Habibi In Person

"Bibi Hbibi, every person, with little thinking can understand what you meant..."

Photo Of The Day: Muhammad’s Return

Israel's already an even better place when he's here

Mohammad Zoabi Breaks His Silence

Mohammad Zoabi has posted his first message since being forced to leave Israel

Guest Post (Kay Wilson): The Jew And The Arab Working Together Against Incitement

"Yip, it was me, me, a terror victim, stabbed 13 times by Palestinians, who hid this Arab teenager in my house for nearly a month while Arabs were threatening his life."

The Reappearance Of Mohammad Zoabi

The last we heard from Arab-Israeli Zionist Mohammad Zoabi, he had left Israel, following threats to his life

Mohammad Zoabi Rips Hanin Zoabi

Future Israeli Prime Minister Mohammed Zoabi rips his traiterous relative Hanin Zoabi a new one

The Consequences Of Mohammad Zoabi Speaking

Totally shocking news from the Israeli Police in Nazareth - UPDATED

Mohammad Zoabi’s Strong Message About The Kidnappings

It's easy for me to say his words publicly...it takes guts for an Arab to say the same.

Mohammad Zoabi On “Apartheid” Israel

I have featured this special young man on Israellycool before. We can't get enough of him, so here he is again

Mohammad Zoabi, Future Israeli Leader?

Meet Mohammad Zoabi, a young Israeli Arab with a good head on his shoulders
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