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Know Your History: Jewish Revival Of ‘Palestine’ (National Geographic, Dec 1938)

More valuable insights from old news articles

Know Your History: Eyewitness To The Six Day War (National Geographic, Dec 1967)

Charles Harbutt's photo essay about the Six Day War is a gem

Morgan Freeman In Israel: Driving BDSHoles Crazy

While his views on the Iran deal are horribly naive, at least he is willing to come here

Tel Aviv Number One Beach City in the World…. BITCHES!!!

Tel Aviv beat out Barcelona, Honolulu, Santa Monica and (my home town) - Sydney, all rounding out the top 5.

And Now For Some Good Israel-Related News

Because you are not hearing it from the mainstream media

Tel Aviv: Life’s a Beach

Tel Aviv has made National Geographic's Top 10 Beach Cities in the World list.

Photo of the Day

From National Geographic. Story behind photo here.
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