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Yet More Appalling Reactions To Israeli Nepal Action

This hatred for Israel and the Jews is a real sickness

UN Cannot Deny Truth About Israel’s Humanity. Yet Again

For the second time in a few weeks, UN information highlights Israel's humanity

Watch: News Channel Lauds Israel’s Humanitarian Aid To Nepal

Not all in the media are dishonest and biased

More Appalling Reactions To Israeli Nepal Action

The haters are out in full force

Israel’s Reaction To Nepal And Appalling Reactions To Israel

The haters won't let humanitarian efforts get in their way of their demonization campaign

Who Was Filming This Turkish Airlines Crash In Nepal

It seems that almost anywhere in the world you can rely on their being a few Israelis around.

Stamp Of Approval

The Nepalese have us licked. And I'm not even upset about it

This One Time, At Eye Camp..

As Jews, we should strive to be a Light unto the Nations. ? This includes bringing light to those in darkness. Literally
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