Israel’s Reaction To Nepal And Appalling Reactions To Israel

By now I’m sure you’ve heard of Israel’s humanitarian efforts to help in Nepal. This morning, an 80-member Israeli humanitarian aid delegation set flight for Nepal, and will be joined shortly by another cargo flight with around 170 trained military personnel. Their mission? To achieve three things. Deploy major search and rescue operations, admit patients to our field hospitals within 12 hours of landing, and help the Nepalese people. In the next two weeks, our search and rescue teams will be deployed to locate survivors in the rubble of collapsed buildings, and a field hospital set up to provide medical services to the local population.

I will make it even simpler for you: you can follow our efforts here.

It goes without saying I am proud Israel is always at the forefront of such efforts and has offered to help even when rebuffed. And I am not surprised. I live here and I know it is how we roll.

The Israel haters (who are in many cases really Jew haters in disguise) are finding it really hard to stomach such humanitarian efforts – after all, it undermines their false narrative and damages their cause of demonizing Israel. But they get an ‘A’ for effort in trying to turn the lemons into lemonade (You’ll notice some familiar faces here):

And here’s Ken Roth, the Executive Director of Human Rights Watch.

You have to well and truly be drinking the kool-aid to not see the magnitude of hate and evil on display here. These are people more concerned with vilifying Israel and the Jewish people than with the welfare of those affected by such humanitarian disasters.

Update: More here.

21 thoughts on “Israel’s Reaction To Nepal And Appalling Reactions To Israel”

  1. Norman_In_New_York

    Blumenthal and Roth are JINOs. Human Rights Watch should be banned in Israel until Roth is replaced by someone more decent.

  2. That awkward moment when so many people don’t realize just how many trucks of building materials (with the purpose to rebuild Gaza), and other aid have been sent into Gaza. Perhaps they would do better to ask Hamas where all these materials have gone to? Or do they think that tunnel building is more important than building homes?

    1. No, the Jews are. All part of our conspiracy to World domination. But for a short time longer, it is still not politically correct to say it that way.

  3. and to think that Max was just onstage at princeton as one of cornel west’s goodwill ambassadors for bds. oh where did this hate come from?

    1. People like Max, no better than the Nazis he appears with, hate Jews. He doesn’t hate his own self righteous self, because he lacks morals and conscience, the two qualities Hitler said were created by Jews, and that Hitler was here to free man of. Evidently it worked on Max.

  4. When there was an earthquake in Haiti a few years ago and Israel sent a relief team, some anti Israel people were saying the exact same things.
    Whenever an anti Israel person claims he is merely “being critical of Israel” (as I’ve seen some of them do since it sounds “more respectable”) point them to incidents such as these.

    1. so max not only allegedly hired a web master who used free software to design the site, but has no clue how to change the dns pointers

      dang, the guy is an amazingly bad liar

  5. Appalling but not in the least surprising. The same crap appeared when Israel helped Haiti, after their earthquake. The bottom line is, Israel will be demonized by certain people, no matter what it does. So instead of worrying about what such people think, one’s attitude towards them has to be, “Kiss our *ss!”

    1. and when israel sent a team to japan

      and when they sent a team to mexico

      and when they offer aid to stricken areas in the states

      its boring

  6. Yes James, with Qassams and AK-47’s. Israel is so far ahead of the neighboring countries because Israel builds up, where the others work to tear down. It’s no wonder many of them prefer the 7th century; familiarity is comfort.

  7. Eliezer Eisenberg

    What is all this talk about israel’so siege? Is Egypt part of israel? Oh, I forgot, they say Sisi is a zionist Jew.

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