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Hypocrisy of “Human Rights Organizations” Exposed For All to See

"I wonder how European and American civilians, the taxpayers who fund this corrupted, violent and shameful system, would feel when they find out about this affair."

So You Still, Absolutely, Want To Be A Peace Activist? Part 4

The last part of a four-part series

Black Lives Matter Support Former Imperialist Colonial Slave Owners

Black Lives Matter have magically appeared in the made up State of Palestine #BlackLivesMatter

Israel’s Transparency Law: Two Questions Nobody Is Asking

Curious minds want to know

WATCH: The Far Left NGOs And Ezra Nawi

Watch the Chanel 2 News report showing cash hand outs to Ezra Nawi.

More Far Left NGO Revelations On Israeli TV Tonight

It seem like a light is being shone on the activities of these NGOs we hear so much about.

Who Finances BDSM Against Israel?

Israeli TV interview with Edwin Black, author of "Financing the Flames" how tax exempt and public money fuel a culture of confrontation and terror in Israel

Tarnished Halo

NGO Monitor's year-end list of 'Human Rights' gone wrong.

Anti-Israel Activist Reveals Real Motivation For Coming to “Palestine”

Sometimes, reporting from the anti-Israel/pro-palestinian crowd can be very revealing. Especially when it is intended for their own eyes.
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