More Far Left NGO Revelations On Israeli TV Tonight

Is it possible Breaking the Silence paying Arabs to riot? Yeah, that would break the silence I guess. The TV show is here. It seems deliberately unclear if the show gives firm proof of this.

It seems that Ezra Nawi is a link between Breaking the Silence and other organisations, possibly moving money around. There are two parts: Nawi is getting money from Breaking the Silence and Rabbis for Human Rights. The Palestinians don’t protest without being paid. The hazy part is who is paying the Palestinians to riot. The show was deliberately unclear, perhaps on purpose, but it never says he paid Palestinians to riot.

I will say that a few years ago I heard specifically from security sources (known to me) that the organised riots were paid for. If there really is now a money trail leading back to European Governments and “charities” like New Israel Fund, this is going to be HUGE.

And in connected news, at least one member of one of the NGO’s named in last week’s program was arrested trying to flee the country.

Turns out it was Ezra Nawi named in last week’s TV report and tonight’s:

Far-left activist Ezra Nawi was arrested by police at Ben-Gurion International Airporton Monday as he was attempting to leave the country, just days after he was featured in an investigative TV show boasting on a hidden camera about how he helps Palestinian security forces find Palestinians who sell land to Jews.

Note: This post was update a number of times because the TV report on which it was based was somewhat ambiguous in its claims. Only on discussion with more people did I decide it wasn’t giving direct evidence of payments to rioters specifically to riot.


Brian of London

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