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Reader Post: Official Obama Biography Already Stirring up Controversy

Reader Gidon suggests some working titles for the authorized Barack Obama biography

EU Awarded Nobel Peace Prize

Yep, that's not a typo
pamela anderson

The Day In Israel: Wed Nov 3rd, 2010

38 Nobel peace prize laureates have slammed academic boycotts of Israel.

The Day In Israel: Wednesday Feb 24th, 2010

Following Sunday's Hamas denial that it had been infiltrated by Israel's Mossad, comes word that the son of founding Hamashole Sheikh Hassan Yousef worked...

The Day In Israel: Sun Oct 11th, 2009

Israeli Nobel Prize for chemistry laureate Professor Ada Yonath has expressed her views on how Israel can reduce palestinian terrorism. Israeli Nobel Prize for chemistry...

The Day In Israel: Fri Oct 9th, 2009

Yesterday, Israeli President told US Middle East envoy George Mitchell that Israel had full faith in the policies of US President Barack Obama, who...
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