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When Death Is The Alternative, Israel Isn’t So Bad

Remind us again how much you think Israel should hand back the Golan Heights to Syria

Alan Dershowitz’s Vision Problem

Alan Dershowitz takes a roots trip to Europe and has an epiphany: the Holocaust is the reason for Israel.

Dictionary.com Uses Anti-Israel Definition Of “Occupation”

On many words, Dictionary.com features a section called "Examples From The Web" to put the word in the context of a sentence. Here's what they...

After 66 Years, An Occupation Comes To An End

While some occupations are worse than others, some are not only welcomed, but requested.

Occupation = Israel According to Bing Translator

If non-Arabic speakers rely on Bing Translator, they will be told that any "occupation force" is Israeli.

The Trouble With Israel: Not Enough Occupation

We needed to take this land for ourselves: recognise our indigenous status as guardians of Israel while applying Jewish fairness and equality to all.

Israel Is Not America: Stop Treating Her That Way!

Refusing to acknowledge Israel's unique situation puts us all in grave danger

Preparing To Bury Mahmoud (Instead Of Building Him A Hospital)

$2.4 billion is a lot of money. But apparently not enough to build a hospital to treat Mahmoud Kuweifi.

Photo Of The Day: Brutal Israeli Occupation Forces At Work

We’re still waiting for the BBC to publicise this picture.
Christian Nuns

Palestinian Saints And Propaganda

Yippee! Two palestinian nuns canonized: an excuse to tell lies about Israel!

People Hate Israel Like Louis CK Hates Cell Phones

A Louis CK routine as a metaphor for Jew-hatred. Now how great is THAT?

It’s The Settlements, Stoopid

Night time photo of the Settlement of Tel Aviv

Talkin’ ‘Bout My Occupation

A home was razed in Yitzhar today. Someone decided that building a home is a warlike act.

Yahud: The Arabic Word For Jews

The Arabic word for "Jews" gives lie to the myth of Jewish occupation in Judea.
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