DeltaGate Part Deux: This Time It’s Political

*To be read in the voice of Don LaFontaine*

In a world…

Where multiple airlines defer to the prejudiced demands of the Saudi regime…

One airline…

Kicks it up a notch.


Coming this February to an in-flight movie near you…

DeltaGate Part Deux: This Time It’s Political

Last summer, there was a big brouhaha over whether Delta airlines was enabling Saudi Arabia’s discriminatory policies in the name of big bidness.

However, while Delta and other airlines do sanction the bigotry of the Saudis, the fact that Delta was a passive accomplice rather than an active partisan relegated the story to the back burner. And as the news cycles have generated many larger, more rage-worthy stories since then, we haven’t heard much about it in recent months.

Well, it’s sequel time, and this time, passive intolerance has metastasized into malignant political bias. This one’s not going to be as easy for Delta to explain away by saying all the kids are doing it.

Our scene opens with a wide shot of the Middle East SkyMiles mileage page on the Delta website:

Suddenly, a red oval appears, drawing the viewer’s eye to the action.

The camera zooms in on the text, revealing a fictional locale, highlighted in red.

Cut to the “Middle East” popup for another angle. Still there.

Aaaand scene!

Hmm. It ends a little abruptly. Ah, forget it: we’ll fix it in post.

Couple of announcements:

It seems Delta will be flying all of us to “Occupied Palestinian Territory” for the wrap party. Not sure what city the airport’s in, though.

Wait, here it is: Tel Al-Rabi.


Finally, Craft Service is being sponsored by Delta today, so let’s make damn sure there are no Israeli products on the table this time, people.

That’s lunch!

(h/t @DrMikeCohen)


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