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Haters Falsely Claim Liverpool FC-Nike Deal as a Victory for BDS

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign has welcomed Liverpool's decision (confirmed this week) to go with Nike as their kit supplier, claiming it is a victory for BDS

BDS Fail of the Day: Palestine Solidarity Campaign Video Contest

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign is running an "Apartheid Off Campus" aka Let's Demonize Israel Video contest

Palestinian Support In UK Riddled With Jew Hatred

If there is a pro-Palestine movement not riddled with Jew hatred, this isn’t it.

Young Women Shocked By Antisemitism At Palestine Solidarity Campaign Event

BDS is antisemitic, and more people are beginning to see this

Who’s Drinking Earl Grey From A Mug With This Map On It

A sign Jew hating Palestinian lobby in the UK is finding it hard to keep covering for homicidal Jihadi knife attacks in Jerusalem?

BDSHoles Abuse Holocaust Survivor And Call Him “Nazi”

The face of BDS and the anti-Israel crowd

These Are Not The PSC Jew Haters You Were Looking For

Don't worry we haven't lost our minds, we're sending traffic to http://palestinesolidaritycampaign.com/

Lauren Booth Attacks Palestine Solidarity Campaign For Dissociating Itself From Antisemitism

Antisemite Lauren Booth continues to show her true colors

BDS Fail Of The Day

BDS-holes seem to turn entire audience pro-Israel


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