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WATCH: Celebrities Show Love For Israel (Part Four)

Part 4 in my series

Pamela Anderson, Lover…Of Israel

It's twue, it's twue

Pamela Anderson Comes Back For More

What is it that Pamela Anderson seems to want again and again?

Middle East News Briefs Wed March 9th, 2011

Some news from this part of the world.
pamela anderson muslim

How Do You Say “I Am Suing You” In Arabic?

I spotted this advert on Ynet this morning, and although she is wearing way more than I am used to seeing, I believe it is Pamela Anderson.
pamela anderson dancing with stars


Pamela Anderson struts her stuff on Israel's version of Dancing With The Stars.
john kerry hariri

The Day In Israel: Tues Nov 9th, 2010

The PA is upset, this time over a meeting between the Shin Bet and some Hamasholes and Islamic Jihadniks.
Pamela Anderson

The Day In Israel: Mon Nov 8th, 2010

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has met with US Vice President Joe Biden in New Orleans.
Pamela Anderson Israel

The Day In Israel: Sun Nov 7th, 2010

Bye bye Ghajar?
pamela anderson

The Day In Israel: Wed Nov 3rd, 2010

38 Nobel peace prize laureates have slammed academic boycotts of Israel.

The Day In Israel: Mon Nov 1st, 2010

IDF forces arrested an apparent Hamashole suspected of carrying out a shooting attack on an Israeli car near Bethlehem on Saturday night.

Close Call

Well, it looks like the world will not implode on itself and existence as we know it cease to exist after all. Pamela Anderson has...

Disturbing News of the Day

Some things are just wrong. Michael Jackson is reportedly dating Pamela Anderson. Pop legend Michael, 50, has met former Baywatch star Pammy, 41, for two dates...


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