Middle East News Briefs Wed March 9th, 2011


This post may be updated throughout the day.

  • A Hamashole has been killed with out hurting anyone else in a “jihadist mission”.Which basically means he’s a clumsy (dead) dumbass.
  • Winter is over, but we may be getting snow.
  • Pamela Anderson is back in Israel, promoting her PETA agenda. She said “I love Israel. It’s very forward-thinking,” which I assume does not mean Israelis think about her forward parts.
  • Meanwhile, I wonder if Pammie still likes snakes.
  • Seemed like a good idea at the time?
  • Libyan tyrant Moammar Gaddafi is sounding more and more like Charlie Sheen.
  • US official Robert Einhorn stated Iran seeks nuclear weapons capability. No sh*t Sherlock.
  • According to AP, thirteen Egyptians have been killed in “violence between Christians and Muslims.” But if you read the article, it seems the violence is coming from one side. Can you guess which one?

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