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Media Buries The Real Reasons Kerry’s Peace Efforts Failed

Kerry: “an absolute idiot when it comes to negotiations”

Draft Summary From Next Week’s Paris Israel Palestine Peace Summit

Sunday is the Day of the Jackals in Paris: here’s the death warrant the world hopes to force on Israel.

Guest Post (Nabil Haalki): The Products Of Oslo

“God how I wish things could go back to the way it was once, before the so called Oslo peace”
screen shot of Benjamin Netanyahu for video 5 steps for peacevideo

WATCH: 5 Steps for Peace

5 steps to peace sounds so simple,

Why The Peace Process Keeps Failing, And What The US Can Do About It

Michael Mandelbaum, writing in Commentary, explains this and more.

Palestinian Christians Pay The Dhimmi Tax, But Jews Refuse To Do So

What is the real basis for Palestinian opposition to a Jewish state?

Obama: Government Leaders Should Never Meet With Opposition Parties

(Except for members of *my* government)

Obama, Kerry, The AP, And The Two-State Solution

As long as everyone from the President of the US to the AP keeps telling Abbas that if he doesn't agree to a two-state solution, Israel will somehow collapse, why in the world would he ever agree?

What’s Missing From WaPo’s Reporting On Abbas And On Rabin Memorial?

William Booth may be competing for New York Times market share

No, It’s Not The Occupation, Stupid

(Or The Settlements Either)

Obama’s Channel 2 Interview Slammed In Media

A roundup of some of the better comments on Obama's Israeli television appearance

The Fallacy Of The “Mutually Agreed Swaps” Formulation

A UN mandate on Israel to reach a "mutual agreement" with the Palestinian Authority would be a thinly veiled insistence that Israel capitulate entirely to Palestinian Arab demands

Lies, Damn Lies And Statistics

Sloppy, lazy poll breeds sloppy, lazy journalism

John Kerry Agrees That The ‘Peace Process’ Is A Farce

"A Bad Deal Is Worse Than No Deal" - John Kerry and the Obama administration finally get one right…right?


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