John Kerry Agrees That The ‘Peace Process’ Is A Farce

Well, I guess even Mossad-employed Zionist Sharks can be wrong once in a while, eh?

While I still have major issues with the way the Obama administration conducts its Middle East policy (and with the people Obama has chosen to conduct it), it seems I might have misjudged them this time around. And when someone I disagree with finally shows a bit of sense and says something I agree with unreservedly, I have to swallow my pride (as opposed to the usual Sharm el-Sheikh tourists) and give them their well-deserved props.

NOTE: All of this is to-be-confirmed, since I haven’t yet seen the 60 Minutes clip, but the way I hear it, John Kerry told Israel that no deal with the Palestinian Arabs is better than a bad deal with the Palestinian Arabs. And wouldn’t ya know it? That’s exactly what I (and many, many others) have been saying for years, now! Anyhoo, let’s roll tape on this, shall we? (*feeling excited*)

Um……….wait, so Kerry’s momentary flash of insight, his nut-finding blind squirrel moment, is only supposed to apply to Iran, and not to this pathetic, lethal, terrorist-murderer-releasing joke of a ‘peace’ process that the current US administration continues to foist on Israel, in its obsessive championing of logic-averse wishful thinking über alles?

Brutal. Absolutely freaking brutal. (*feeling much less excited*)

So yeah……………

Hey, you remember that thing about my agreeing with the Obama administration when it comes to anything having to do with this here part of the world?

Never mind.


Zionist Shark

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