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Attention Israel Advocates: Plagiarism Is Still Not Cool!

I have long complained about the scourge of plagiarism, especially among fellow Israel advocates. And it continues unabated.

Plagiarism Most Horrid

You thought we would take it lying down?

Israellycool’s SodaStream Scoop Ripped By Numerous Sites

I put all of you plagiarizing or "story-stealing" sites on notice that we will continue to call you out on this.

That Moment Jews News Plagiarizes An Obviously Fake Report

Because we are offended by sloppiness and lack of fact-checking, in addition to plagiarism

Plagiarism Watch: All The TRUTH About What Happening In ISRAEL

More of our work has been ripped

Jews News, Enough Is Enough!

The plagiarism has to stop and you, my dear readers, can possibly help

Plagiarism Of The Day: Jews News

One of the most frustrating things about being a blogger is having your work ripped off

The Jerusalem Post’s Latest Plagiarism

Over a week ago, Israellycool contributor Elder of Ziyon posted about Free Gaza terror enabler Lauren Booth on his own blog, after her idiotic...
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