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WATCH: Chasidic Jews Sing To The Pope

This might just be a first in the history of mankind

Live In Peace With Your Pope

It was probably ONLY because of the blogosphere and one sharp eyed observer who tipped a few of us of, that the misquoting of the Pope was corrected.

The Pope, A Journalist And A Terrorist Walk Into A Bar With An Interpreter...

The current Pope is not fluent in Arabic and Abu Mazen, unless he learned it while organising the attack on the Italian ship Achille Lauro, doesn't speak Italian.
Christian Nuns

Palestinian Saints And Propaganda

Yippee! Two palestinian nuns canonized: an excuse to tell lies about Israel!

…And Then Pope Francis Called Him An “Angel Of Peace”

Here are Mahmoud Abbas's most angelic moments.

Pope Played by Palestinians?

Zion Mike's take on Pope Francis' controversial stop at the safety barrier

Media Fall For Cheap Palestinian Pope Photo-Op

All in a day's work for the Palestinian propaganda machine

PA Propaganda As An Art Form

The PA's new art exhibit, along with our own suggestions


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