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R4BIA Weirdness At The Mandela Memorial Service

More R4BIA sightings

Money Talks And Bullcrap Walks In East Jerusalem

Get your Zionist and Muslim Brotherhood propaganda here!!!

A Slice of R4BIA Pizza

#R4BIA sightings in Manchester and New York City

R4BIA Symbol Spotted In The Department of Homeland Security

Moahamed Elibiary, DHS advisor is now proudly displaying the R4BIA symbol on his Twitter profile icon. That’s a bit of a shock. Or maybe not.

Israeli Terrorists

What to do with the Islamist wave in Wadi Ara - the Wadi Ara Forfeit Plan

R4BIA T-Shirts Now In! Get ‘Em While They’re Hot

It didn’t take very long for the forces of commerce and trade to get a new symbol of protest (and anti-Zionism) onto a T-Shirt and on sale in Jerusalem.

The “Reformed Moderate” Islamism of Recep Tayyip Erdogan

The next bit of evidence that Erdogan isn't Mr. Nice Guy (apparently)
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