Yesterday the Islamic movement in Israel held their annual “Kill the JewsAl-Aqsa Mosque is in Danger” rally in Umm El-Fahm. As you can see from their stage, they basically support every Islamist in the middle east, from Syria’s al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist groups, via Hamas, to Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Umm El-Fahm platform
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You can also see the “R4BIA” PR campaign, that we have shown to be an open call for the destruction of Israel.

Here are some images during the rally:

Hate preacher Ra'ed Salah
Hate preacher – and former mayor of Umm el-Fahm – Ra’ed Salah
The Islamic movement’s flags are indeed affiliated with Hamas’ flag
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Also, Turkey.

Umm el-Fahm and its environs, known as “Wadi Ara”, has long since been a hotbed of Islamic activism and terrorism. 13 years ago, it was the scene of massive riots when Israeli Arabs joined their Palestinian terrorist friends in the 2nd intifada.

Recently, a new dangerous line was crossed when a man from Mushereifah was killed in Syria, fighting for Jabhat al-Nusra, one of the most extreme jihadi groups currently fighting in Syria

The dangerous outcomes of active terrorists inside Israel, with Israeli ID cards, is in my opinion, a threat Israel will have a hard time dealing with. Islamism has taken a firm hold of the villages in Wadi Ara, and it can blow up in Israel’s face – pun intended – a few years down the line.

There is, in my opinion, an alternative.

Wadi Ara is adjacent to northern Samaria, with the separation barrier running between them to prevent more stressing security needs. What if Israel were to forfeit Wadi Ara, the villages and their land, while retaining control of the strategic route 65?

I have composed a map showing an outline of the area, some 73 km2, that will be given to the Palestinian Authority with only two requirement for Israel:

  • Route 65 wil remain under complete Israeli control.
  • 3 secutiry checkpoints, one at either end, and a central one in Mei-Ami junction.

The entire population will now be Palestinian, living under Palestinian rule (Area A), and not under those “pesky Jews” trying to arrest them all the time. They will be free to preach hate and incitement with their fellows in Jenin, and live by their own laws and rules.

View Larger Map – If you want a KML file, tell me in the comments

What do you think? Will this work?

Well, apart from Arab MKs stressing that they sure as hell won’t allow it because it will mean cutting the social security tit feeding overpopulation and straining the Israeli economy.

9 thoughts on “Israeli Terrorists”

  1. Well, I drive down Wadi Ara (Route 65) pretty regularly, and I can tell you that once you get near Umm ul-Fahm, Route 65 basically turns into the town’s Main Street. I really don’t think that plan could work, sorry.

  2. and immediately after, a 20 year old soldier is murdered

    here is my plan

    expel all the arabs from the socalled west bank…they can accept cash payments or a bullet

    give the finger to the rest of the world



  3. I think you have a good idea. I also think it should be arranged that any anti-Israel Israeli Arab should automatically lose their citizenship.

  4. I don’t think it makes any sense – for much the same reason why forfeiting eastern Jerusalem for the sake of demographic balancing doesn’t make any sense.

    You can forfeit land, but not people. It would be illegal under the Israeli law to strip someone of their citizenship solely on the basis of their place of residence. The residents of Wadi Ara would simply move to Nazareth, Acco etc. because for all their rhetorics they aren’t feeling nearly Palestinian enough to give up bituach leumi.

  5. They should be feeling a little more anxious than usual this year as more and more Jews ascend the Temple Mount to take back our holy place to the consternation of the traditional rabbinate. As with Rabbi Kook a century ago, it has been the role of religious Zionism to challenge centuries of accumulated quietism in asserting a proud heritage.

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