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Reader Post: The Concise Palestinian English Dictionary

The Palestinians have simply decided to redefine the English language in a way that casts them in a positive light

Israel Hater Richard Silverstein With Yet Another Racial Slur

From the guy who brought you "Uncle Tom", "Negro Zionist" and "house slave"

Israel Hater Mira Bar Hillel Posts Racist Slur Against Ethiopian Jew

Racism runs rampant among the Israel-hating crowd

Cultural PTSD: The Bond That Weaves Us Together

Four people. Four distinct cultures. Four unique experiences. Yet we share a common thread

Richard Silverstein Back To Making Racist Slurs

Beyond the pale

Why Richard Silverstein Is Legally Entitled To Use Racial Epithets

So let's summarize: Richard Silverstein can't be antisemitic because he's Jewish and he can't be racist, because he's not white.

A World Without Hate


Anti-Zionism Is Racism

Zionism is no more nor less than the self-determination of the Jewish people

Fair-Haired White Boy Takes Another Shot At Newt Gingrich

This has been another post by Evil Henchman Brian of London. I'm told that if I keep posting for another month I'll be promoted to Sleazy Sidekick!

Moron Of The Day

This is the face of a man who was KO'd...yet probably can't even spell that

Mad Mel’s Latest Madness

Mel Gibson continues to show what a nice, charming man he is

Message to Parents of Adolf Hitler Campbell

If you really want a birthday cake, I can highly recommend this store.

Unfortunate Name of the Day

..belonged to this woman. A woman who tried to flee a Ku Klux Klan initiation rite was allegedly shot dead by the group's leader in...


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