Richard Silverstein Back To Making Racist Slurs


I have not blogged about DouchebloggerTM Richard Silverstein in a while. Not because he has not blogged untruthful, hateful and asinine things, but I have lost much interest. My main goal has been to shine a light on his lies and lack of research, so those in the media who may have been inclined to pay attention to his ramblings won’t. By and large, this has worked, and his website traffic is nothing to write home about, despite his effort to pimp out his “work” far and wide.

But occasionally, another post or tweet is brought to my attention, and I feel I should blog about it.

You may recall Silverstein’s racist attacks African American Zionist Chloe Valdary, and refusal to apologize. If not, let me remind u.

Well now, Mr Tikuno Olam has added a new racist slur to his repertoire, with some sexism thrown in.

In case you missed the meaning, the racist part is mentioning coffee and cream, which he seems to use as a metaphor for the “white” Brett Stephens and the “black” Chloe Valdary. Then there’s the clearly sexist connotation that she would be making him coffee. Heck, you could even argue he’s again implying Chloe is the servant/slave!

No doubt Silverstein would deny any racist intention or meaning. But then again, he’s never been a good liar.


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