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Totalled, The Billion Dollar Crash Of The Startup That Took On Big Auto, Big...

Even if you had followed coverage of Better Place as closely as I did as it happened, the book contains a huge amount of new information.

Tesla To Cure Range Anxiety? I Think I Know How (Update)

I think I know what Elon Musk will show on Thursday, because I’ve had it for three years.

Destroying Turkish Made Electric Cars

Another disappointment in the sorry tale of the end of the dream of ending dependence on oil.

Revisiting The Better Place Past

I actually get emotional about Better Place still. The promise was so great, the potential to change the world in a good way was there but many things went wrong.

Do Petrol Heads Dream Of Electric Cars?

All you have to do is take out the exploding bit at the front and the entire nature of the car changes to something so refined it costs thousands more to match.

How Charged Up Is Your Battery?

In which I give a technical explanation of the battery reporting in Better Place's Renault Fluence ZE electric car.

A Brief Electric Vehicle Geek Out

The full gory details of Better Place's Oscar range estimation system and display of kWh as well as battery charge percentage

Learning To Listen To A New Type Of Car

I broke down

100 Days In A Better Place

Driving an electric car in Israel: the numbers.

How Can I Drive To Eilat?

Here's the video to show you how its done.

Better Occupation Profiteer War Crimes

You've got to have a pretty warped view of the world to think making it a Better Place is a bad thing for anybody

Better Place Ambassador Brian

In what I think is a first for me, my twittering and blogging scored me an invite to an international conference

It’s A Game Of Two Halves

Even when it doesn't all work, it all works out

Better Place Driving Lesson

Learning to be a Better Place driver in my Renault Fluence ZE


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