Better Occupation Profiteer War Crimes


Apparently, according to such unimpeachable sources as “EI – The Electronic Intefada” I am driving around Israel in a car from a company that:

builds infrastructure for the Israeli occupation in the West Bank, and whose Israeli arm is led by a former general implicated in war crimes

This week Better Place opened one of it’s battery switching stations at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport to service a fleet of 10 Renault Fluence ZE taxis that will take people to Amsterdam city centre.

There are even iPads in the back of the taxis to explain to customers what’s different about these cabs (they’ll notice the quiet, smooth ride for sure). I’m also told that if customers request, they will be able to ride the taxi through a battery switch.

Which brings me back to the EI’s magnificent rant about this. They really have their nose out of joint over the prospect of an Israeli company, you know, actually doing something useful in the world.

There can be no clearer statement of EU The Netherlands’ official endorsement of, and complicity in Israeli occupation and human rights abuses.

As we used to say on Shire Network News: you know you’re over the target when you’re taking flack. If Electronic Intefada are apoplectic with rage (look it up boys) then I’m delighted.

And I took the photo above of Moshe Kaplinsky and Shai Agassi at a meeting a couple of months ago. Nice guys.

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