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Colonel Richard Kemp and I Could Be Good Friends

Virag on hearing the Fabulous British Colonel speak

MUST WATCH: Richard Kemp on Sky News: Israel Victim of ‘World’s Greatest Slur Campaign’

The wonderful Rowan Dean interviewing fabulous British colonel Richard Kemp about the demonization of Israel and the efforts of the IDF to save palestinian civilians

WATCH: Richard Kemp Speaking Truth To The Terrorist Tools At The UNHRC

“This council has become a tool of Hamas’s murderous strategy"

University Of Sydney Lets Lynch Off Lightly

A disappointing result

Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite Jake Lynch Needs To Explain This

BDSHole Jake Lynch has some explaining to do

In Col. Richard Kemp’s Expert Opinion

Required reading from Col. Richard Kemp.

Fabulous British Colonel Talks Sense

My man crush on Jon Voight extends to Colonel Richard Kemp

Guiding The Bombs In Gaza

Directing awesome firepower is a huge responsibility.

Richard Kemp On Operation Pillar Of Defense

Richard Kemp, otherwise known as the Fabulous British Colonel, thinks Israel's Operation Pillar of Defense against the terrorists in Gaza achieved its objectives

The Day In Israel: Monday Mar 22nd, 2010

One poll, two ways of looking at things: Haaretz poll: Most Israelis see Obama as fair and friendly Haaretz poll: 27% of Israelis think Obama...


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