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Guest Post: Interview With Prof. Richard Landes About His New Video Doc on Media...

Andrew Pessin interviews Richard Landes, former professor of history at Boston University, regarding his new video, “Everyone Knows,” about media coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Paul Joseph Watson: Time To Rethink #FakeNews On Israel?

I’m not blaming anyone outside Israel for getting the wrong impression about Israel: the #FakeNews has gone on for decades!

The Day In Israel: Mon Oct 19th, 2009

IDF sources responded to reports of Hizbullah finding Israeli "spying devices" by saying the incident was staged in an attempt to divert attention from...

The Day In Israel: Mon Oct 12th, 2009

My friend Richard Landes has just launched a new website : Understanding the Goldstone Report. Those of us who have constructed Understanding the Goldstone Report,...

The Day In Israel: Mon Sept 14th, 2009

Click refresh to see new updates during the day Asaf Ramon, killed in yesterday's F16 crash, is to be buried next to his father, in...

Eyebrow vs Highbrow

You have to feel sorry for Jerusalem Post columnist Larry "Sam the Eagle" Derfner. With his eyebrows clearly eating away at his brain, he...


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