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WATCH: Ron Dermer: We Will Present Clear Evidence Of “US Gang-Up” To New Administration

Ron Dermer insists we have evidence of the US being behind the "gang-up" on Israel at the UN

Ambassador Ron Dermer Strikes Back

"In response to this effort to cast a beacon of freedom, tolerance and decency as a pariah state…"

Ron Dermer Lays Out Why Netanyahu Has To Go To Washington

Ambassador Dermer: PM Netanyahu Has 'Sacred Duty' to Oppose 'Bad' Iran Deal.

WATCH: Dermer Is A Star On MSNBC

"In Israel the Jewish people do not ask others to defend them. In Israel, the Jewish people defend themselves."

Video: “Look At This! Look At This!”

Megyn Kelly of Fox News outraged over yesterday's massacre and palestinians celebrating it

CNN’s Erin Burnett Still Failing At Fairness In Gaza Coverage

Burnett tries, and fails, to rebut Dermer's accusations of distorted Gaza coverage

Dermer Tight As CNN Interview Guest

This is how it's done

Double Standard Time

Ron Dermer, Senior Advisor to Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, has responded to a Time smear job from last week.
frank johansson

The Day In Israel: Tuesday Aug 24th, 2010

With palestinian leaders threatening to walk out of the upcoming direct talks if Israel does not extend the settlement freeze, the US has stated the freeze will be discussed during the talks itself, and not be treated as a precondition.

Israel Needs to Learn How To Talk Like An Egyptian

Over at Commentary, Noah Pollak raises a pertinent point: Credit where it is due: The Egyptians know how to deal with Hamas and especially with...

The Day In Israel: Fri Oct 30th, 2009

Ha'aretz reports that the Holocaust-denying leader of the PA who has not ruled out "resistance" against Israel is allegedly deeply suspicious of Israeli Prime...

The Day In Israel: Thurs Sept 10th, 2009

Click refresh to see new updates during the day Damascus-based Hamashole Khaled Mashaal admitted his group produces and smuggles weapons despite Israel's "blockade" on Gaza. "Your...


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