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MUST WATCH: Roseanne Barr Rips BDS

I really enjoyed seeing this live today

Richard Silverstein Becomes Max Blumenthal’s B*tch

Turds of a feather

Richard Silverstein’s Disgraceful Attack On Roseanne Barr

Once again, Silverstein goes after a successful person who loves Israel

Special Guest Post (Roseanne Barr): In Praise Of Israeli Democracy

The one and only Roseanne Barr explains why she supports Binyamin Netanyahu

Special Guest Post (Roseanne Barr): To Whom It May Concern

Letter to the Erev Rav who know nothing about Judaism whatsoever, and who lead the attack on the Jewish People for selfish reasons

Roseanne Set The Bar For Being A Good Sport

This happened

One Celebrity Rules Pro Israel Twitter. You Won’t Believe Who

We love pro-Israel celebs, and this one is tirelessly taking on Israel's haters on Twitter.

Celebrities Speaking Out For Israel During Operation Protective Edge

I would like to point out those celebrities who have spoken out for Israel during this difficult time

Roseanne Barr To Make Aliyah?

Is she considering doing the unthinkable, and if so, why?

Roseanne Barr Again Spreads The Israellycool Word

It is only a matter of time before she offers us a sitcom

Roseanne Barr Disseminates Israellycool Material

She may still have blocked me on Twitter, but I'm beginning to think she likes me

Roseanne Barr Retweets Israellycool Again

Oops she did it again

Where Roseanne Barr Retweets Israellycool

Yep, her gradual transformation is almost complete

Roseanne’s Continued Defence Of Israel On Twitter

Roseanne's gradual trend towards reason when it comes to Israel and Jews continues


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