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WATCH: Former Australian PM Tony Abbott Waxes Lyrical about Israel & The Jewish People

We already knew former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott was a fan of Israel and the Jewish people. But this is "get a room" territory.

And Then A Human Being Showed Up

This is my question for YouTube: does spurious reporting carry consequences for the other side?

YouTube Convicts Brian Of Spreading Hate Speech (Updated)

My video exposing hate speech is hate speech according to YouTube.

Dutch Call On Facebook To Beat Up Israelis In Holland (Updated)

Abbas lies and this guy calls for Israelis to die in Holland.

Cinematic Strings Of Jew Hatred – Musical BDS

"Please understand that this is not in any way directed at you personally” but we hate you Jews for living in Israel.

Is BDSM In Australia Finished?

"The fact the BDS movement falsely equates Israel with apartheid-era South Africa shows it does not understand Israel.” - The Australian

Warning Notice To BDS Activists

It is lawful to criticise Israel's policies. It is not lawful to boycott Israeli people and businesses because of disagreement with those policies.

Shurat HaDin Threatens And Mocks BDSHoles

Israeli civil rights law centre Shurat HaDin has threatened legal action against some BDSHoles, but it is the wording of their press release which is of particular interest


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