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Sky News’ Alex Crawford Ignores Houthi Antisemitism

Sky News correspondent correspondent Alex Crawford as Houthis curse the Jews: no antisemitism to see here, move along

WATCH: Father of Murdered Teenager Malki Roth Rips BBC for Giving Child-Killer a Platform

Thank you Sky News Australia for giving my friend Arnold Roth the opportunity to respond to the BBC's vile decision to give child-killing terrorist Ahlam Tamimi a platform

Sky News Blooper of the Day (Updated)

The following screenshot was taken from Sky News, by a user on Reddit

WATCH: Rising Antisemitism in Australia

With a number of very worrying antisemitic incidents in Australia gaining widespread exposure in the international press, Sky News Outsiders sat down with Dr. David Adler of the Australian Jewish Association to discuss rising antisemitism in Australia

Labour Parliamentary Candidate: “Not a Fact” That Killing People for Being Jewish Is Antisemitism...

The antisemitism issue of the UK Labour party just won't go away, especially when UK Labour party members flap their gums.

WATCH: Sky News Messes Up Trying to Paint Israel as “Apartheid” State

In the wake of Israel's Nation-State bill, Sky News has been at the forefront of demonizing us.

MUST WATCH: Some of Most Pro-Jewish & Pro-Israel Sentiments Ever Seen on Australian TV

Ross Cameron, former Australian Liberal Party MP and now co-host of Sky News' Outsiders with the equally philo-semitic and pro-Israel Rowan Dean, waxes lyrical about Israel and the Jewish people

MUST WATCH: Richard Kemp on Sky News: Israel Victim of ‘World’s Greatest Slur Campaign’

The wonderful Rowan Dean interviewing fabulous British colonel Richard Kemp about the demonization of Israel and the efforts of the IDF to save palestinian civilians

On Tuesday The Rabbi Was Bullied By The Sky News Presenter

This has to be seen to be believed

Strike In Gaza: A Tale Of Two Tweets

Crime of omission

“Are You Kidding Me?”

Israeli Minister of the Economy Naftali Bennett uses disproportionate force against a hostile, intellectually weaker foe

Sky News Eliminates “West Bank” From Israel

Last time I checked, the status of the "disputed territories" was the subject of negotiation. But Sky News seems to know better

Sky News Reinvents History – Updated

There's something about INS Hanit that turns journalists into idiots.

Sky News Falsely Claims Israel Violated Ceasefire

Another case of media bias
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