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WATCH: Kay Wilson Talks To Dennis Prager

An amazing, uplifting and at times, horrific, chat.

(Unintentional) Pro-Israel Advocate Of The Day

Thank you Canadian student from Gaza

WATCH: Israeli Soldier Testifies to EU Human Rights Committee

An IDF soldier takes on the lies of Breaking the Silence in front of the EU Human Rights Committee

I Stand With Israel

I am sending you my love because you are amazing people, resilient people, indigenous people, and we are all in this together

Time For An IDF Campus Offensive

Time to put the Hamasophiles on campus on the defensive

Innovative Video Lets You Explore Israel

Choose Your Own Adventure in Israel

Fabulous British Colonel Talks Sense

My man crush on Jon Voight extends to Colonel Richard Kemp

Israeli Soldier Completes US Mission, “I Hope I Made A Difference”

Hen Mazzig came to the US to make a difference. He was attacked, threatened and cursed and told Israel's story to over 40,000 students.

Eppic Israel Is Home

Rapper Eppic and finalists from Israel TV's "The Voice" - Daniella Millo and Rudi Baynesay

Hearing First Hand Of Ryan’s Adventures In Israel

Any aboriginal groups who are suckered into supporting the Arabs’ claims over the Jews are destroying their own claims.

What Does Israel Look Like Through Fresh Eyes?

People, who just happen to be prolific on blogs and social media, see Israel for the first time.

Israel Through The Lens

During September of this year, 10 leading Instagram users from the U.S, Holland, Germany and France were chosen to join us on a Once in a Lifetime experience - sharing Israel through their lens, to over 2 million followers worldwide

Danny Does Da’truth

Another great video from the Israeli Government!
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