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Cover photo from Barbara Shaw guide book for Jerusalem

My Jerusalem Book: Book Review

A book review by RealJStreets

Only In Israel: You Had One Job!

Travelers in need of the loo get the high sign at Ben Gurion Airport.

Cool New Israel Videos – Shameless Plug Edition. Vol 2

Two new awesome videos showing off some of Israel's more interesting tourist attractions

The Royal Tour of Israel begins on PBS

So pleased that the PM has joined our campaign to show "true faces of the State of Israel."

An Expert’s Opinion On The American TSA

Former security head of Ben Gurion Airport tells the TSA why they suck. Here's why that's awesome.

Reader Post: From Brooklyn To Israel

On a journey in the Middle East, brothers Robert and Adam Kolodny explored the diverse adventure that is the State of Israel

Tel Aviv Number One Beach City in the World…. BITCHES!!!

Tel Aviv beat out Barcelona, Honolulu, Santa Monica and (my home town) - Sydney, all rounding out the top 5.

Israellycool In China

I'd make a lousy spy


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