The Royal Tour of Israel begins on PBS

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara, along with approximately 500 invited guests, on Tuesday, attended the premiere screening of an international tourism project at the Paramount studios in Hollywood, CA. It is expected to significantly increase the number of tourists arriving in Israel.

The production is by journalist and director Peter Greenberg, whose international travel show is broadcast on PBS. The unique show features heads of government and state acting as tour guides in their countries. Greenberg has previously worked with the King of Jordan, the presidents of Mexico and Peru, and the prime minister of New Zealand.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said, “This film represents the beautiful Israel and the spirit of its people.

So pleased that the PM has joined our campaign to show “true faces of the State of Israel.”

prime minister photo for feature on post

Hmm, and not just real Arab girls on his road trip.

First public showings: Thursday, March 6, 2014



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