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Major Jewish Studies Program Joins Anti-Israel Academic Assault

Why would a major Jewish studies program promote an unbalanced, negative view of Israel?

Jewish Students At UW Harrassed, Israel Display Vandalized

Yet more hatred on a US campus

Anti-Israel Professors Gone Wild!

Concerned mother of student at major university tries to video lecture by Omar Barghouti. You won't believe what happened next.

Seattle Hillel: Angst in Spades

On the cusp of victory against a BDS resolution, Seattle's Hillel director asks if fighting BDS is worth the sacrifice.

BDS Lie Caught On Video

A BDS activist is caught on video telling a big fib. Don't worry, we set him straight.

BDS: When losing is winning.

Why did BDS have such an epic fail in the heart of Rachel Corrie Country? Zion Mike has the answer.

US Jews Pay To Be Vilified

Ali Abunimah in action, paid for by US taxpayers
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