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Cracks Appearing In Iran Regarding Their “Avoid Competing Against Israelis in Sports” Policy

An interesting follow-up to the case of wrestler Alireza Karimi, who was banned for 6 months for throwing his bout against Alikhan Zhabrilov - all to avoid competing against Israel’s Uri Kalashnikov

Iranian Wrestler Banned for 6 Months For Throwing Match To Avoid Israeli

In what I believe is a first, a sporting body has actually punished an Arab or Muslim who refused to compete against an Israeli

Whatever Happened To Peyman Yarahmadi, The Crying Iranian Wrestler?

I follow up on the viral video

WATCH: Iranian Wrestler Cries After Being Told He Has To Forfeit Against Israeli

Being taught to hate - and cheat - from a young age.

Egyptian Anas Bites The Dust..And Israeli Opponent

Old and busted: Walk like an Egyptian New hotness: Bite like an Egyptian

Muslim World’s Greatest Hits

Yesterday, I posted about the Lebanese politicians who acted out their wildest WWF fantasies. Today, we see they are not alone
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