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Egypt to Hamas: “Israel Will Destroy You and We Won’t Do a Thing to...

Egypt is officially fed up with Hamas.

Head Hamas-Hole Yahya Sinwar Claims He Was Tricked Into Interview for Israeli Newspaper

I don't think it takes a degree in rocket science to work out who is lying here.

Head Hamas-hole Sinwar Escapes Car Accident With Only a Broken Arm

Yahya Sinwar, the Hamas terror group’s leader in the Gaza Strip, has broken his arm in a traffic accident

Separated at Birth: Batsh*t Crazy Edition

Head Hamashole Yahya Sinwar has more than a passing resemblance to thi creature

Richard Silverstein Defends Hamas Leader With Lie

Anti-Israel DouchebloggerTM Richard Silverstein never met a lie he didn't like

Head Hamashole Yahya Sinwar: “Now Hamas Will Discuss When We Will Wipe Out Israel”

Wipe us out? You and which army, funny guy?

Yahya Sinwar Takes Over From Ismail Haniyeh As Hamas Leader In Gaza

A hardliner, even among Hamasholes


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