Banking on the Gullible


The IDF killed 3 palestinians in an operation against terrorists this afternoon. And as usual, there are conflicting reports regarding their identities.

Three Palestinians were killed and five more were wounded in an IDF operation in the northern Gaza Strip on Saturday afternoon.

The IDF confirmed forces operating in the Strip targeted a Palestinian cell en route to launch rocket attacks from against Israeli towns.

The casualties have yet to be identified, largely due to the fact that the bodies were reportedly charred. It is unclear if those killed are indeed gunmen or civilians. Contradictory Palestinian reports say the three were either Fatah political operatives unaffiliated with the movement’s military wing, the al-Aqsa Martyr’s Brigades or – according to a report by the Associated Press – three Jordanian bankers holding a picnic in an open field with the missile struck.

What a coincidence. They were my three guesses….Fatah terrorists, Al Aqsa terrorists, or… Jordanian bankers on a picnic.

I can imagine it now…

Banker 1: How about this spot over here?

Banker 2: Perfect.

Banker 3: I’m a little risk averse, so I would prefer not to sit here, right between our brothers firing rockets, and that Israeli tank on the hill there.

Banker 1: So with the US economy as it currently is, do you see a recession heading our way?

Banker 3: Incoming.

Banker 1: Me too.


Yes, I know I’m being flippant about it, but color me skeptical. After all, this is not the first time the palestinians have invoked the “picnic in a warzone” story.

Update: According to this palestinian report, witness saw them “drinking tea in their field when the Israeli missile hit them.” Does that constitute a picnic? After all, is tea a meal? And isn’t it weird that witnesses would recall exactly what they were consuming at the time, to the detail of identifying it was tea and not coffee. Lucky that there were some palestinian witnesses around!

Not only that, but notice how the report also identifies them as “three youth.” What are the chances that youth would have already graduated from college and entered the Jordanian banking industry?

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