The ABCs of Bias

So let’s briefly review yesterday’s events. Israel preemptively killed some Hamas terrorists planning a terrorist attack against innocent civilians. Hamas responded by targeting innocent civilians, hitting near a school and a hospital (amongst other things), resulting in the death of a father-of-four. Israel responded by targeting Hamas’ interior ministry, resulting in the indvertent death of a baby (due to the fact that Hamas deliberately placed its ministry in a residential neighborhood).

So how does ABC Australia decide to report the day’s events?

Baby killed in Israeli missile strike: hospital

Which makes me wonder why David Hardaker had to find a new job. I’d have thought he would be promoted.

Update: ABC Australia are not alone.

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  • Womble

    Dave, branches of the Interior ministries are always placed in residential neighborhoods, to make them more accessible for the people. It is the case in Israel as well, so I am not sure how valid that particular comment of yours was.

    Also, it seems to me that the fault for the headline lies with the AFP, while the rest of the sources have simply mindlessly repeated it the way it was delivered.

  • Aussie Dave


    Hamas are a terrorist group firing missiles into Israel. They are not a legitimate government body. Arch terrorist Ismail Haniyeh is Interior Minister – do you think he used the office for processing ID cards?

    Do not underestimate Hamas’ willingness to sacrifice civilians to further their goals.

    And yes, the headline was from AFP. But every news outlet has an obligation for balanced reporting.

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