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Farah Nabulsi

Anti-Israel Film Director Admits She Received No Hateful Reactions From Israelis

What happened when Farah Nabulsi, director of the anti-Israel film The Present, was recently interviewed by France 24

On The Detainment of Those Palestinian Kids “Foraging For Vegetables”

The mainstream media has gone mad over the story over the IDF detaining five palestinian Arab children near the Havat Maon outpost

+972 Mag’s Attempted Hit Job on Israel Falls Flat

Anti-Israel rag +972's story about a palestinian Arab student who was barred from receiving a vaccine does the opposite to what they intended

60 Minutes Australia Can’t Tell a Rabbit From a Rabbi (Updated)

60 Minutes Australia are pretty much libeling the entire Jewish community when they call this guy a "Rabbi."

BBC: We Were Wrong To Suggest Oslo Mandates Israel Vaccinate Palestinians

The BBC has admitted it was wrong to suggest Israel has a responsibility to vaccinate Palestinians against Covid-19 under the Oslo Accords

Al Jazeera Birdbrains Rehash Old News to Demonize Israel

Al Jazeera aka Al Jizz have a story about the Gazan quail industry, which predictably blames Israel at every turn

ABC News Australia’s Latest Outrageous Media Bias

ABC News Australia have published a report entitled Israeli authorities killed seven Palestinian children last year. Their parents are calling for justice. The title...

The Palestinian House Demolitions You Did Not Hear About

Many palestinian homes have been demolished and bulldozed, but you likely haven't heard about it because the mainstream media and so-called human rights organizations...
Arabs getting Covid-19 vaccine

Mainstream Media Now Accusing Israel of ‘Paying to Jump Covid Vaccine Queue’

With Israel's Covid-19 vaccination rate the fastest in the world, we have already seen the mainstream media and haters accuse us of not offering...
Arabs getting Covid-19 vaccine

Reuters Now Admits Israel Has Been Vaccinating Palestinian Arabs Under Its Jurisdiction

After being one of the mainstream media outlets disseminating the blood libel that Israel should, but hadn't, offered the Covid-19 vaccine to palestinian Arabs,...

Jonathan Pollard’s Arrival in Israel Gets the AP Treatment

Jonathan Pollard, the ex-US Navy analyst, who received a life sentence for passing secrets on to Israel, arrived in Israel early this morning. Without getting...

Indian News Outlet Pulls Gaza Children’s Hospital Report Following Israellycool Exposé of Fauxtography

I am pleased to report that thanks to the post and those who shared it around, Absolute India have removed the piece. But our work is not yet done.

Indian News Outlet Tries to Pass off Photo of Gazan Rocket Damage in Israel...

Absolute India tries to pass off extensive damage inflicted upon us as damage we inflicted on Gaza

Business Insider’s Palestinian Olive Tree Propaganda Video is the Pits

Business Insider has come out with a video bemoaning how Israel damages the olive trees of palestinians
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