The Death of a Reuters Cameraman


I intended on discussing the death of Reuters cameraman Fadel Shana, and inconsistencies I noticed between reports about his death, but I was beaten to the punch by Israellycool contributing blogger Elder of Ziyon. His conclusion? Reuters journalists are simply liars.

And fresh from exposing Jughead’s sexual orientation, Snapped Shot analyzes photos from the scene of Shana’s death and raises the possibility of some more palestinian fauxtography.

My contribution to the discussion after those two great posts? Well my detective work reveals that Shana was injured almost two years after a Reuters vehicle was purportedly hit by an Israeli missile. At the time he was traveling in the Reuters vehicle with another man – an employee of the Iranian World TV network. Not only that, but Shana himself was lying his head off.

Conveniently, the same day the PA released the men who its own forces had kidnapped, Reuters reported that the IDF had shot a missile at its press vehicle and wounded two cameramen – one from Reuters and one from Iranian World TV network – while they were en route to a battle taking place between IDF forces and Palestinian terrorists. Reuters, which is demanding an independent investigation into the attack, is portraying its cameraman Fadel Shana as an embattled hero who would do anything to bring the truth to the world.

Yet it is unclear why anyone should believe either Shana or Reuters. Shana told Reuters that as he was driving to the battle scene, “I suddenly saw fire and the doors of the jeep flew open.” He claims to have been wounded by shrapnel in his hand and leg. These are minor injuries for someone whose vehicle was just hit by a missile.

But then, the photographs taken of his vehicle after the purported missile attack give no indication that the car was hit by anything. There is a gash on the roof. The hood is bent out of shape. But nothing seems to have been burned. Cars hit by missiles do not look like they have just been in a nasty accident. Cars hit by missiles are destroyed. Yet the glass on the windshield and the windows of Shana’s vehicle isn’t even shattered. In the photographs taken of Shana on the way to the hospital in Gaza, he lies on a stretcher, eyes closed, arm extended in full pieta mode. He is not visibly bleeding although there are some blood stains on his shirt, but then his undershirt is completely white.

No wonder the palestinians are mourning him as a shahid.

It is also interesting that after lying about this incident, he would end up really being killed by something striking his vehicle.

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