Evil Zionist Pigs Get Smarter

Ma’an continues to ludicrously claim that settlers from Ariel have been releasing wild pigs to harass Palestinian Arabs.

But now the pigs are getting smarter:

Herds of wild pigs dumped in the outskirts of the West Bank city of Salfit by residents of the nearby Ariel Israeli settlement, are preventing civilians from leaving their homes in the evening, for fear of being attacked.

Eyewitnesses from the Al-Freiz neighborhood near the settlement said that in the evening after the sunset prayer the pigs attack gardens.

Not only do the pigs know to attack only Arabs, but they know when the exact prayer times are!

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  • Shy Guy

    Israel does have wild pigs. In the north, there are people who legally hunt them with weapons. I’m guessing that the pig population is exploding in these Arab areas because shooting would atract unwanted attention from the IDF.

  • steve87

    my g-d, next they’llbe opening doors like the raptors from jurassic park!

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