The Correction

Reuters stringer Mohammed Salem takes a corker of a photo designed to elicit sympathy for his beloved palestinians, and paint Israel as the aggressor.

But there’s a hitch. The caption writer falls asleep at the wheel, and Israel is not blamed for the photographed palestinian’s predicament.

[click on image to enlarge]

damaged house

This is not acceptable. After all, people might think the damage was caused by a work accident or palestinian infighting.

Not to worry. It is moments like these that the trusty caption correction comes in handy.

[click on image to enlarge]

damaged houseAhh, that’s better.

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Reuters-Fotografen und der Ärger mit dem Schutt « Medien BackSpin
27 October 2010 at 7:10pm
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  • stv

    Did those dastardly Israelis also dump all that crap by her door?

    • @GAIA1010


  • Michael Zvi Krumbein

    Too bad countries can't sue for libel….

  • Yishai

    HEh. Check out the ad in the first picture…

    • israellycool

      Nice catch

    • Michael Zvi Krumbein


  • nanaloshen

    Let me get this straight – she's been living like this since Cast Lead? That's like over a year ago. Was there another offensive in the mean time? What's the point? The Hamas government can build a water park, hotels, 5-star dining facilities, a mega-mall and they can't get the crap off her front steps? Am I missing something?

    • jpl

      Hamas is keeping it "intact" so Mia Farrow will have a place to stay on her next visit.

      • Shy Guy

        jpl · 2 hours ago

        Hamas is keeping it "intact" so Mia Farrow Lauren Booth will have a place to stay on her next visit honeymoon.


  • walt kovacs

    soon to cause an internet storm…tons of pics allegedly taken by idf soldiers during cast lead, of their fellows acting like aholes

    not killing anyone…not torturing anyone….but being kinda jerky

    memo to idf…ban cameras among the troops

    second memo…next time you have to go into gaza…just level the place…you are all gonna get feces dropped on you in any case

    • juvanya

      banning assholery would also help

      • Michael Zvi Krumbein

        I believe they did. When has that ever worked?

        Yuo know what? These are 18-year-old boys, asked to sacrifice their lives to save the enemy. I don’t much care what they did.

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